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Destination Pre-Wedding - Italy Florence

If anyone looking forward to Italy this year. Beside Venice, Florence is a place where you want to be. I'll be shooting in Venice end of May till 1st week of June. I will be able to fill in 2 more spot in Venice or Florence. First come first serve! If you are interested it, please email me at I'll be happy to hear from you soon!

如果今年你期待著有一個意大利的旅程,除了威尼斯外,佛羅倫斯是你必要到的好地方。今年6月會在威尼斯和佛羅倫斯進行拍攝 - 現在還有2名餘額,先到先得,勿失良機。如果有興趣請發電子郵件到 。 希望儘早收到您的消息!

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